What is Bloxrank?

Bloxrank is a second generation ROBLOX ranking bot made with easy use in mind.

Feature 01

Fast Ranking

Fast ranking at your finger tips! We know groups want to prevent any abuse when it comes to ranking, we've made our ranking system with pre-built and customisable options to keep your group safe.

Feature 02

Easy Verification

Designed to be quick and easy, our verification system is made to keep your server safe and to prevent those pesky raiders.

Feature 03

Efficient Moderation

Our simple yet powerful moderation commands and functions are designed to keep your community safe and to be able to enforce your server rules in seconds.

Feature 04

Shout Louder

Along with ranking, we also provide sending a shout via your discord server and equiped with a fast shout proxy to view all those shouts from the comfort of your disocrd server.

Feature 05

Count Those Members

Our bot comes with a state of the art member count system, set a custom target for your group and customise to a style that suits your group.

Feature 06

Fully Customisable

No need to purchase premium here just to customise the bot to suit your servers needs, we do this via webhooks to create the perfect customised bot!

Free For All

xrank will be free forever! Though you can buy premium which will unlock you special features!

R$500-2K forever
What you will get
  • Ranking Centres
  • Premium Commands
  • Ranking Sticks
  • More Uptime

Still not convinced?